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About Us

Painting is exciting. But evaluating multiple quotes and finding a reliable contractor to start when you need them to is frustrating. For this, we created Define.

Define is the easiest way to get your paint project completed reliably and affordably from start to end. 

When you work with us, you get the complete package of transparent upfront pricing, accurate timelines, and a high quality result delivered by our team of professional painters. 

Define Painting Experience Typical Painting Experience
ESTIMATE Completed online in minutes On-site estimate booked days in advance
PRICE Transparent pricing upfront Frequent adjustments and inconsistent pricing
COLOUR SELECTION Colour consultation and large adhesive swatches sent to your door for free Small paint chips, messy sample pots and multiple visits to the paint store
PAINTERS Licensed and insured Define painters with over 5 years of experience Partner with unvetted labour
TIMING Project completed on your schedule Appointment based on painters availability
MANAGEMENT End-to-end customer support Hours lost reviewing quotes, selecting colours and ensuring project completion
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